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Photo of Santa Cruz Artist Kelli Foss

Artist Statement for Kelli C Foss

My journey as an abstract artist revolves around capturing the ephemeral dance of vibrant colors, unveiling the interplay between light, form, and emotions.

Every stroke and hue within my original style is a testament to the dynamic nature of life itself, influenced by a profound fascination with the ever-shifting nuances of light.

Each piece assumes various personas under different lighting, evoking distinct moods and narratives, inviting viewers to explore a multiplicity of experiences within a single canvas.

The enigmatic allure of black light reactivity sets my work apart, revealing layers and nuanced brushstrokes, inviting spectators into a realm where subtlety and depth harmoniously intermingle.

Inspiration for my creations is deeply rooted in the natural beauty of Santa Cruz—the ocean’s depths and mountain grandeur infusing my art with organic energy, mirroring nature’s poetry of colors and shapes.

Beyond the tangible, my art is informed by esoteric realms—energy, quantum physics, and the law of attraction—provoking contemplation on the interconnectedness of the universe and our place within it.

As the permanent in-house artist at Santa Cruz Art Expressions, I exhibit across the Bay Area by invitation. I was honored with a solo show at The San Jose Playhouse during their production of Sunday in The Park with George, receiving a standing ovation from both audience and cast.

In essence, my art is a celebration of the unseen—an invitation to traverse the labyrinth of emotions, perceptions, and energies that shape our existence. Through vibrant hues and intricate brushstrokes, I aim to create a space where the tangible and intangible converge, where art becomes a conduit for experiencing the depth and richness of existence itself. 

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Neon Ascension – Kelli Foss

30×48 inch

Acrylic on canvas


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