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Artist Statement for Ray M. Evans

Sureal Nature Art in Pen, Ink, Dye & Batik

In my art, I stand beneath an endless waterfall of my creators abundant gifts. Life being the most precious of all his gifts to me.

A place where spirituality and nature merge in a surrealistic creation of beauty that flls me with awe and wonder. I am the life forms in all my work: the fish, the birds, and the flowers.

My job is to offer a different perspective and attempt to enhance reality and wake up the creative dead in us all. My art is a prayer of internal words given to me in a love for the Creator of creation. Through him, I am a vessel of supreme energy that forms visions emanating from my thoughts. I like to say my works of art create themselves; I but drag the pencil or brush as it might be.

I have often been asked if I worry about having ideas for future paintings.. My response has always been, I have never had one worry, for the art creates itself. I connect to God, who sees all, is all, and that’s all.

Now open your heart and indulge yourself in the amazing world of underwater life, flowers and birds of flight. Join with me to get wet and fly in the air of fantasy in a life beyond throught and reality to a place of beauty and wonder.

Visionary Artist Ray M. Evans

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Mermaid’s Dream – Ray Evans

50×30 inch

Metal Print


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